Vertical Leap Trainers

There have been few sports trainers along the years that have decided to fully dedicate themselves to training for vertical leap. Paving the way for vertical leap trainers was Gil ‘Rise’ Thomas which through much hard work ended up with a recorded 44″ standing vertical leap! He went on to help successfully trained Reggie Thompson, which is now claimed to have a 56″ vert!

You used to be able to sign up and have Gil come visit for the day. He’d set you on the right path, help you with some exercise routines, nutrition and get yourself on a customized training program. At $400, this was the ultimate when it came to vert training.

Since the release of Air Alert over 10 years ago, a number of vertical leap programs have popped up. An incredible amount actually. The advantage of these being normally the cost is reduced and you can begin training with them straight away.

Current big names in vertical leap training:

Luke Lowrey

Creator of Vertical Project
Vert 41″, played in Australia’s top basketball league

While playing for professional basketball for the Titans, Luke Lowrey developed his vertical leap to an outstanding 41 inches. Unfortunetly injury shot him down and has prevented him reaching his goal of 50 inches. He has since gone on to personally help top professionals jump higher through his advanced vertical leap training. On top of this he bought out his own program, The Vertical Project and recently ran a training session for athletes over the telephone. If anyone here took part in this, we’d love to hear about it!

Kelly Bagget

Creator of Vertical Jump Bible
Vert 42″, certified trainer specializing in athletic performance

Mark Sias

Creator of Bionic Plyometrics
Vert 37″, professional trainer, specializes martial arts and plyometrics